Our Mission

We are working to advance GB-13 to clinical trials where new therapies are in desperate need including glioblastoma, diffuse midline glioma and soft tissue sarcomas.

About Us

The majority of current cancer therapies kill tumor cells but also kill normal cells, creating unwanted toxicities and side effects. As a biopharmaceutical company, we have found a targeted way to attack only tumor cells. GB-13 is the lead compound in this new direction.

GB-13 is an advanced, second-generation genetically engineered recombinant protein that specifically binds and destroys cancer cells with minimal normal cell damage.

Recent studies have also indicated that GB-13 can be combined with radiation to more effectively treat cancer than radiation alone.  We hope this discovery opens up even more options for patients and their families in the near future.


To achieve these goals, we are seeking additional equity investments to advance GB-13 into first-in-human Phase I clinical trials.

Our Core Values

We collaborate with experts in the field.

We work with other researchers and clinicians in the field, knowing that the result we seek is not possible without them.

We are confident in our treatment.

Based on our collaborative work, we know that we can safely and effectively eliminate tumor cells in brain cancer patients.

We relentlessly pursue success.

We will be defined by obtaining clinical results using GB-13 in GBM and DMG patients.

We persevere, even after we are told “no.”

Our efforts to move this drug to clinical trials has been met with rejection countless times, but we will not stop.