Innovative Treatment for Brain Cancer

We are working to advance GB-13 to clinical trials where new therapies are in desperate need including glioblastoma, diffuse midline glioma, and soft tissue sarcomas.

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Glioblastoma (GBM) in adults and Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG) in children are uniformly fatal. We are developing a desperately needed novel biologic therapy.

The median survival rate for GBM and DMG is only 14 months and has remained largely unchanged for decades, and no new treatments have been approved for these cancers in over 20 years.

Targepeutics has now obtained orphan drug designation for GB-13 from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), opening paths to needed resources. GB-13 specifically targets a cancer-specific receptor and drives cancer cell death and can be incorporated into current treatment regimens.

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We recognized the need to specifically target the cancer associated IL13Rα2 receptor ONLY.

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Research & Development

We leverage that platform to develop drugs that are highly selective, very safe and, most importantly, WORK.

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We are taking our first drug, GB-13 to the clinic to deliver RESULTS to patients and their families.

A personal message from our CEO

In 1999, when my mother was diagnosed with a GBM, I would talk to anybody and everybody who would listen to me about brain cancer. Many people were very kind to spend time with her, myself and my family to help navigate the many difficult decisions during her illness. I was and am eternally thankful for the kindness of so many.

I was also frustrated that there was a lack of viable treatment options that would give her a fighting chance. Over 20 years later, I look at the current treatment options for GBM patients. We know we can do better for these patients and their families.  GB-13 belongs in the paradigm of care for Glioblastoma and diffuse midline glioma patients.  We won’t stop until GB-13 is in the clinic.

Walene Lutkewitte

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